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An exclusive one on one interview with Ran Yosef, Our CMO

An exclusive one on one interview with Ran Yosef, Our CMO

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Ran Yosef, Our CMO

Q: You’ve recently launched a unique partners program allowing various collaborations in the field of SaaS B2B omnichannel customer communication solutions; can you tell us something more?

A: It’s well known that B2B SaaS partners programs becoming popular nowadays due to the fact that more SaaS companies are looking for different ways to market their solution and reach a wider audience through different kinds of partnerships.

The CommBox partner program is perfect for contact/call centers of all sizes. It’s also great for contact center software providers, or CRM software providers. Customers expect that modern businesses will support all digital channels including WhatsApp, mail, chat, SMS, social messaging, and more, with a combination of chatbots and advanced automation features that work in complete harmony with the human teams. Failure to meet these expectations can leave businesses lagging behind their competitors. Why? Customers will go where they see the most value. In today’s world, most value means the best customer experience.

With CommBox, businesses get an out of the box omnichannel platform that can integrate into their existing business software. It’s advanced and flexible, therefore capable of meeting a variety of needs, no matter what industry you work in or who your customers are.

The best thing about the program is that it is totally free to join, and we provide the entire education and support to our partners to succeed in their mission. Additionally, we provide white-labeling so you can continue to use your brand’s voice and let CommBox support you in building and maintaining your reputation with powerful modern technology. Our white-label service allows you to transform your contact center or CRM into a complete omnichannel and autonomous system to serve your customers through all channels.

Q: What marketing methods are you using to promote the partners program?

A: As B2B SaaS programs are booming we are putting many efforts into promoting our program to the right audience. As our partnership program model is beneficial for all sides, we can see an increase in the number of companies who join the program especially since it’s almost effortless for them and the financial model is very straightforward.

Our main efforts being put on highly optimized content marketing and SEO. While traditional PPC campaigns will drive leads for a while, highly optimized content marketing and SEO will stay much longer and will drive more focused results. We see tremendous conversion rates coming from these marketing efforts as the content and placements seem to be delivered to the right audience.

Besides using highly optimized content marketing and SEO we use other traditional marketing methods such as email marketing to engage with potential partners and paid advertising through all social channels and Google Ads. Recently, we also started to use influencer marketing and harness the power of authoritative personas within our niche to deliver a more branded and precise message to a larger audience

Finding the right audience within the B2B SaaS industry which is niche-oriented could be a tedious task unless you conduct thorough audience research and analysis. Therefore, we identify certain patterns in the ideal partner browsing behavior and segment the signed-upped partners into groups analyzing their entire journey and onboarding process. From there the recruitment of new partners to the program is much easier.

Q: Could you provide our readers with a brief introduction to CommBox?

A: CommBox (formerly BumpYard) was founded in 2013 and has developed the next generation omnichannel communication platform and customer experience software that enhances customer experience and leads digital service, support, and sales teams to success.

Our platform consists of a smart inbox for effective customer engagement across all channels plus a set of flexible modules that enable organizations to serve their customers whenever and wherever it is most convenient for them.

CommBox platform designed specifically for enterprises and mid-sized who are looking for advanced business automation processes, as well as to enhance their customer experience and sales. CommBox primarily created to change the way brands communicate with their customers by providing a robust platform that unifies all customer interactions in one smart inbox. Such as WhatsApp, chat, email, SMS, messenger, Facebook, Twitter, and more. CommBox is the leading company in digital transformation for enterprises and for contact centers to help them become completely autonomous and omnichannel with advanced AI capabilities.

Besides the innovative smart inbox, CommBox also offers advanced team collaboration tools, knowledge-base, and canned responses, agent routing, omnichannel messaging channels, AI-Powered omnichannel chatbot, Automation rules triggered by user behavior and more.

With unique and innovative products, we are helping customers reinvent how they communicate with customers. Our AI and machine learning framework help clients deliver tools that ensure the customer is always in the front row and receiving an automated experienced to help achieved any relevant business goals.

Q: What are your future plans in terms of CommBox marketing approach?

A: We are always looking to gain more awareness and increase our brand reputation in any way possible. Our main goal is to create a completely autonomous marketing approach.

Our obvious approach will be increasing our budgets and recruit more professionals. Moreover, we would look into new channels such as Tiktok for business which has been dramatically popular recently and word of mouth marketing as our solution is evolving and reaching new markets.

Furthermore, we are constantly investing resources in our company blog and website and would look into developing a new approach to capturing more leads through our website and app focusing more on marketing automation and personalization. (Not only through our company chatbot but to try and develop an idea that will be intuitive enough to capture leads differently and can engage with potential customers).

We are currently focusing on two different types of customer persona, direct sales, and partners. The approach and funnel are completely different when approaching and onboarding new prospects.

The direct sales are mostly mid-sized and enterprise-level companies that are looking to integrate CommBox as the heart of their customer communications.

The partners are mainly companies who already have a solution and client base but are looking to move towards omnichannel customer communications simply since their customers demand it.


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