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CommBox Partners up with Ingenia to Provide Omnichannel Autonomous Customer Communication Center in Spanish

CommBox Partners up with Ingenia to Provide Omnichannel Autonomous Customer Communication Center in Spanish

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Glil-Yam, Herzliya, Israel June 1st, 2020.

CommBox Partners up. CommBox the leading company in providing omnichannel customer communications and business automation solutions, recently announced that it has partnered with Ingenia, multinational group in the Information Technology sector, specializing in Cybersecurity, Managed Services and Infrastructures, Software Development, and eLearning.

The two companies came to a partnership as part of the partners program launched by CommBox to drive more potential partners to sign up to its partners program. The program flexible terms and conditions were of the main reasons for the quick deal to close only after several meetings.

Ingenia has joined the CommBox partners program as it searched for technology partner to transform the way its customers are conducting businesses by providing omnichannel customer communications powered by AI and chatbots that work in a complete harmony with live agents. Moreover, it also needed the solution to support its customer base language – Spanish. CommBox is the leader in transforming contact centers and CRM systems to become fully omnichannel with AI capabilities to work in all communication channels and its currently supporting over 22 different languages, Spanish being among them.

The major reason that Ingenia decided to join the CommBox partners program was the fact that building an omnichannel platform from scratch is time-consuming. In today’s rapidly changing world, they must keep up with the pace and the evolving customer expectations! With CommBox, you get an out of the box omnichannel platform that can integrate into your existing business software. It’s advanced and flexible, therefore capable of meeting a variety of needs, no matter what industry you work in or who your customers are.

CommBox Head of Partnerships Lynn Kalman clarified that: “Currently there are some of the world’s great businesses that use CommBox to bring world-class customer service. This list also includes partnerships we have with leading software providers which showcases the integration potential of our platform. We’re always looking for great businesses to partner with throughout the partnership program, whether it’s to bring new communication tools and advanced automation features to our clients and their customers, or whether it’s to bring CommBox omnichannel and AI capabilities to the businesses that need it the most!”

The CommBox partners program is rapidly growing across the globe giving the ultimate solution for contact centers, CRM software, and integrators by bringing an improved concept to support its vision to become the first autonomous communication center supported by live agents.


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