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9 Advantages of Customer Service Chatbots

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Today, only a chatbot based on artificial intelligence (AI) can provide the fastest and highest quality communication with customers. These are automated systems that allow companies to interact optimally with users. They completely changed the system of business communication and made it more convenient for both parties.

More than 35% of users want chatbots to be used by as many companies as possible. Therefore, if you want to implement them for a long time, but still do not understand why they are needed and what advantages they have, and whether the introduction of AI bots can recoup the investment, this article will help you figure it out.

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What are AI Chatbots?

Chatbots are a technology that offers users interactive answers to their questions online. All instructions by which the bots work are written in advance and integrated into the system. They are often issued to the most frequently asked questions and allow technology to have a lively conversation. AI-based systems provide more aggregated information after each interaction with a customer. This allows you to constantly analyze data and improve your work.

9 Benefits of Using Customer Service Bots

1. Universal work on several channels at once

Today customers use multiple communication channels at once, so interacting with them requires you to be available across all channels like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Telegram, email and more.  In the near future, new channels may appear, and users will demand easy access to technical support on any of them. it’s time for you to prepare. 

Chatbots are experts at multi-channel work, which is also their limitless advantage. Connect them to every channel and prepare your support team for more work as they will also have to be on different messengers at the same time. All this will increase the speed of interaction with users and give more opportunities.

To start working with chatbots and provide efficient service across channels, you need a solution that allows you to build a chatbot and use it to support your customers across their preferred channels. Omnichannel communication platforms like CommBox can assist you in building chatbots and utilizing them for customer service across channels. 

Find out more about how CommBox can enhance your marketing efforts with WhatsApp promotional messages. 

2. Users get answers faster

Chatbots provide faster, clearer, and concise responses to users. Ordinary technical support often delays responses and talks for a long time not about what the client wants to hear. In addition, you no longer need to wait in the line for a long time until at least one operator answers, the interaction is lightning fast. Chatbots can serve an unlimited number of users overnight and around the clock. It is enough for a person to write a question in a certain field or select one of the presented ones, and the technology will immediately give the appropriate answer. 

3. Technical support is not distracted by repetitive questions

Unfortunately, chatbots cannot generate detailed answers to absolutely every question. But most of them do not require the constant intervention of human experience. For example, in the questions “How do you send a parcel?” or “What hours do you work?”. They are the majority, so most of the work of technical support can be taken over by chatbots.

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4. Increase loyalty through personalization

Chatbots are often used only for short answers to specific frequently asked questions from users. But if you integrate them with other technologies, you can personalize all messages. 

For example, you can use customer relationship management (CRM) data. Use it to distinguish between all potential and existing customers. For the first ones, you can generate the sentence “Are you here for the first time? We are ready to offer the most popular products or we can get to know the company more closely!”, and for the second “Hello, are you here again? Come to check when we will deliver your order?”. If you need to create unique content for your chatbots or website, use EssayWritingService proofreading tools. 

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In addition, chatbots can track how long the client has been trying to find the answer to his question, and what movements he made on the site to do this. This will save time for “live” technical support because it will not require the provision of unnecessary answers.

5. A ‘smarter’ response system

Chatbots based on artificial intelligence are smarter and more advanced. The technology allows them to learn, analyze every user reaction to the answer, systematize it and come up with unique optimization ideas. In addition, chatbots understand various languages, capture the characteristics of the reaction, and have excellent memory. All this data allows the AI-powered bot to generate the most appropriate responses depending on the situation. For each question, each new user will receive different information. He will also decide which of them need to be sent to technical support, and which ones he can answer on his own. Over time, the technology will only improve, which means that the interaction between the client and the company will be more unique and informative. 

6. Reduce costs by needing less ‘live’ technical support

If you decide to say goodbye to “live” technical support and completely replace it with a chatbot, then maintenance costs will drop markedly. So you save on:

  • wages;
  • courses and training;
  • arrangement of the working space.

The funds that could be saved can be redirected to improving the chatbot. For example:

  • adding new customer service instructions;
  • better automation of the response system;
  • strengthening the work of bots during rush hour.

In addition to saving money, you’ll get a better user experience through simpler responses. But, in any case, it is better to hire a few outsourced people who can answer complex questions that require a detailed solution.

7. No need to fire the tech support team

Many companies are hesitant to switch to chatbots. Afraid of losing a ready-made team of people who interact with users through live conversations. In fact, the use of technology does not exclude the “friendly” coexistence with people from technical support. Chatbots are applicable for certain tasks where human resources can simply be saved. In these scenarios, technology has not equal. 

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8. Detailed data analysis 

Chatbots not only track how users move around the site in search of an answer to a question but also evaluate their shopping patterns. The technology follows every step of the client, which is important for marketing campaigns and data analysis. This information will increase your reach through more targeted sales. Bots are also a great help in gathering feedback.

To increase the possibilities of analysis, client profiles should be created with a standard set of contact information. Based on the received data, you can set up push notifications to receive important information for customers and offer them more personalized relevant content. 

8. Implementation of a conversational marketing strategy

Conversational marketing is an approach that allows you to move customers through the sales funnel through online interaction with the customer. This will not only help your business increase profits, but it will also improve the user experience. AI-based chatbots offer more targeted and smarter messages to each customer, which encourages them to make a purchase. Some of them have convenient menu options that allow you to select a product and make purchases right in the dialog box. 

How to Adopt Customer Service Chatbots with CommBox 

CommBox is an AI-powered omnichannel customer communication platform. CommBox provides you with conversational chatbots powered by AI and machine-learning capabilities. 

CommBox’s Chatbots: 

  • Learn from every customer interaction and get smarter over time.
  • Communicate with other bots and transfer conversations from one bot to another according to the flow of the conversation, while keeping complete transparency from the customer’s point of view.
  • Identify types of conversations (sales, customer service, etc) and route a specific conversation to suitable departments or agents.

Have your unique and personalized bots in just a few minutes using CommBox. No coding skills are required. Once your chatbot is ready, you can offer 24/7 support on multiple languages and communication channels such as Websites, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Instagram and more. The chatbots are implemented in your website or application, providing a seamless customer experience.


In 2018, the bot market was estimated at $1.274 billion, and by 2024 it is expected to be $7.5 billion. Today they are used in various business areas and for many functions. For example, in communication with customers, marketing, sales, and workflow automation. We hope you have seen the value of chatbots for your business and can use them to drive sales, increase customer loyalty and improve their user experience. 

Contributed by Emma Lee, a writer and blogger.

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