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How to Boost Sales with WhatsApp Promotional Messaging

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Boost Sales with WhatsApp. Promotional WhatsApp Campaigns are one of today’s most efficient marketing tools. Over 50 million businesses use the WhatsApp Business platform to offer their products and services to more than 2 billion consumers, and the numbers are constantly climbing. And with its growing market dominance, it’s time for businesses to adopt WhatsApp as a primary communication channel to make their marketing efforts count. 

This article will explain WhatsApp Campaigns and why it’s a critical marketing channel. Then, we’ll guide you on setting up automated WhatsApp campaigns to boost your conversions and sales faster.

What is WhatsApp Promotional Messaging? 

WhatsApp allows businesses to customize and send mass promotional messages to many WhatsApp users and run automated campaigns through approved templates. Users can schedule and launch campaigns while filtering customer variables for maximum results.  

By launching WhatsApp campaigns, brands can reach a wider audience at a press of a button, build stronger relationships with their customers and increase sales faster. 

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How to Boost Sales with WhatsApp Promotional Messaging 

Research shows that WhatsApp Marketing Campaigns can generate 14 times higher sales! And that’s no surprise considering WhatsApp’s messages have a 98% open rate. These numbers give businesses higher chances of reaching new customers. And for you, it means more sales opportunities. 

So, How can you maximize your results through WhatsApp Marketing Campaigns?

The answer is automation and personalization. Automation helps you reach as many customers as possible with one click, but getting to them isn’t enough. You also need to approach them personally to build trusted relationships and grow sales – nine out of ten customers prefer to shop with brands that provide personalized offers and content. 

Imagine automatically personalizing any message on your campaigns by streaming customer data from your internal systems. Keep on reading, and we’ll show you how you can make it happen. 

How to Get Started with WhatsApp Marketing Campaigns via CommBox

CommBox is an omnichannel customer communication platform that supports WhatsApp Marketing Campaigns, allowing you to set your personalized campaigns in minutes and send promotional messages to thousands of customers at once!

With CommBox, you can: 

  • Create your campaigns with built-in templates already approved by WhatsApp.
  • Import an external contact list through a CSV file. 
  • Filter your campaign with customer variables to ensure maximum results. 
  • Add an expiration time to a campaign message.
  • Schedule or launch campaigns efficiently. 
  • Send mass messages to thousands of customers at once! 

See how it works: 

CommBox integrates with any CRM, so you can also stream customer data from your internal system and create a more expansive contact list for your campaigns. Using CommBox’s WhatsApp Marketing Campaigns, you can increase your tier and limits and provide a better experience to more customers.

Find out more about how CommBox can enhance your marketing efforts with WhatsApp promotional messages. 

How Brands Use WhatsApp Promotional Messages  

Brands across sectors have adopted WhatsApp as a primary communication channel to enhance their marketing efforts, grow sales, and achieve outstanding results.

One example is Clarks, the international shoe retailer, who launched a WhatsApp campaign to promote their desert boots. By showing that desert boots were a top fashion item across different eras and countries like France and Jamaica, Clarks got exciting responses, especially from young buyers interested in their brand. 

With CommBox, Clarks created a unique chatbot named “CAI” to resolve more than 30% of customer interactions and produced a 99% improvement in SLA, reducing response time from 5 days to one hour. Today, Clarks uses CommBox to enhance customer service, send delivery updates, promote products, and grow sales. 

Another case study is Hellman’s. Hellman’s in Brazil wanted to let customers know about their new mayonnaise, so they launched a creative WhatsApp campaign called “Whatscook” with real chefs and pictures of consumers’ fridges. As a result, participants – on average – spent over an hour interacting with the brand. The result was that existing processes’ turnaround times were reduced from days into minutes without any backlog. In 2 weeks, 8,000 people participated in the campaign that eventually reached millions. 

Manage Exceptional Customer Relationships through One Smart Platform  

CommBox quickly connects your business to WhatsApp Business API and provides you with extensive communication and automation capabilities. With CommBox, you can manage all customer interactions across channels from a smart inbox. CommBox supports all popular service channels: WhatsApp Business, Google’s Business Messages, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Telegram, email, SMS, video, voice, and more.  

Commbox easily connects to WhatsApp Business API, allowing you to get messages sent via WhatsApp into your unified inbox and efficiently manage all inquiries across channels.

With CommBox, support agents don’t need to switch channels – they see all interactions in the CommBox inbox, no matter which channel customers sent the message through. 

When your business is connected to CommBox, customers can enjoy a seamless experience no matter what channel they use. 

Connected to WhatsApp Business API, CommBox allows you to:

  • Receive notifications from incoming messages.
  • Set automated welcome messages.
  • Share images with customers.
  • Quickly answer customer questions.
  • Use chatbots to answer messages automatically.
  • Answer customers from both desktop and mobile apps. (Both iOS and Android mobile apps). 

Set Up a Chatbot for Your WhatsApp Business Channel 

CommBox’s AI allows you to build smart chatbots for various use cases (customer service, sales, etc.), and automate complex processes by setting automation rules. 

You can build a chatbot in minutes and automatically communicate with customers across all communication channels: WhatsApp Business, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, and more. 

A chatbot you build with CommBox serves your customers across channels in a unified tone and voice while keeping a friendly human-like conversation. 

What more can you do with CommBox’s chatbots on WhatsApp? 

  • Be available 24/7 on WhatsApp Business or any other channel!
  • Manage all customers interactions from a smart central inbox
  • Automate repetitive tasks
  • Qualify leads and Increase sales faster 
  • Quickly respond to customers while tracking any conversation
  • Get updates directly to your CRM
  • Optimize your call centers and reduce customer service costs

The CommBox chatbots: 

  • Learn from every interaction with your customers and get smarter over time.
  • Communicate with other bots and transfer conversations from one bot to another according to the flow of the conversation while keeping complete transparency from the customer’s point of view.
  • Identify types of conversations (sales, customer service, etc.) and route a specific conversation to relevant departments or agents.


In today’s digital environment, 90% of consumers want to reach businesses through their preferred channels and expect a seamless experience on each. Research shows marketing automation via WhatsApp can generate X14 more sales! And that’s no surprise considering WhatsApp’s messages have a 98% open rate. 

Marketing automation via WhatsApp means more sales opportunities, as long as you’re equipped with cutting-edge technology. 

As an official WhatsApp Partner, the CommBox AI-powered omnichannel solution can quickly connect your brand to WhatsApp businesses API. With CommBox, you can run campaigns and send promotional messages to thousands of customers at once. 

WhatsApp’s growing market dominance is a direct message to all businesses – Get WhatsApp Business, or get left behind. 

Make your marketing efforts count! 

Schedule a demo today and launch your first WhatsApp Campaign in no time! 

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