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Experience the new world of autonomous communication.

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  • ChatGPT


    ChatGPT is included in CommBox’s robust automation, enabling a quick and efficient customer experience. Main capabilities: Identify customer intents and respond Suggested responses to agents Change response tone Complete my response Re-wording Conversation Summary Save data in CRM Read more

  • Automation Flows – Chatbot Studio

    Automation Flows – Chatbot Studio

    The Scripts module enables you to define automation scripts that your chatbots and navigators will be based on. Read more

  • Intents


    Using this machine learning module, you can simply train your representatives to understand the intentions of your customers from all communication channels without the need for technical knowledge. You can define “intentions” that you would like to understand from various conversations (e.g. “moving houses”). Once the system detects an intention, it can provide customers with… Read more

  • Automation Rules

    Automation Rules

    CommBox allows the organization to perform varied automation with rules that can run on even before a customer inquiry was made, by certain keywords or a defined trigger, without using a script. Depending on the settings you choose, these rules can change the current inquiry channel, send automatic messages, perform tagging, change the inquiry status,… Read more

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