Google Business Messages

Google Business Messages is a new communication channel by Google that enables consumers to message businesses in Google Search or Google Maps in just one click. This way, consumers can message a business without having to visit the business’ website. Or enter any contact information, as they will be using your Google account. For now, Business Messages are only available for people that search on their phones.

Google Business Messaging (GBM) allows brands to leverage Google’s dominant 92% market share for online searches and empowers consumers to seamlessly initiate a conversation via a rich, secure messaging experience on a platform native to Android users. 

Additionally, both iOS and Android users can initiate conversations via location search in the Google Maps application. Consumers can use GBM to inquire about in-store stock, schedule appointments, make reservations, and receive excellent customer service.

The advantages of using the Google Business messages API via Commbox are:

  • One unified inbox with all digital channels including Google Business
  • Receive notifications from incoming messages.
  • Automated welcome messages.
  • Share photos with customers.
  • Multiple participants in a chat
  • Quick integration with direct data transfer to your CRM
  • Real-time insights for all channels
  • All users added to Commbox can answer customer questions.
  • Intent-driven chatbots to answer messages.
  • Answer customers from both desktop and mobile apps.(Both iOS and android mobile apps)
  • Carousel support
  • Rich cards
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Google Business Messages

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What's more?

Message templates

Create custom message templates and respond faster to customer’s queries, eliminate repetitive tasks, and always stay consistent. This is a great way to greet customers and answer common queries without letting your customers waiting.

Auto assignments

You can enable auto-assign of conversations to agents by several parameters like workload, skill, permissions, etc. Additionally, you can allow agents to associate responses, and assign the conversation to the last agent.

Privacy & security

You can manage how to receive media files through WhatsApp, Upload files also for the agent side, and discard sensitive data.

Bots & Automation

Automate what can be automated by building AI-powered WhatsApp chatbots. Use bots to take the load off your agents and resolve customer interactions using the latest automation features through the WhatsApp messaging app.

Auto messages

You can now send automatic auto-messages after user first message, to give an instant response via WhatsApp. Customize the message according to your business specific use case.You can now send automatic auto-messages after user first message, to give an instant response via WhatsApp. Customize the message according to your business specific use case.

Split conversations

in private messages through WhatsApp it is possible to set that after 24 hours with no communication from the customer’s side, the conversation will be marked as “resolved”, and any communication from the customer’s side after that will be considered as a new conversation.

Media template messages

Respond to customer queries fast using media template messages. Customize any media type and use it as a template message according to your customer needs.


This new feature allows you to send and receive stickers as a message when using the WhatsApp API for customer communications with CommBox.

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