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The Complete Guide For a Successful Digital Transformation At Scale For Enterprises

The Complete Guide For a Successful Digital Transformation At Scale For Enterprises

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Digital Transformation. Traditional systems used for communications between clients and companies are no longer enough to stay competitive in the modern digital age. With the rise of omnichannel chatbots, social media interaction, and other innovative digital solutions, enterprise level companies have quite a few options available to take their success to the next level.

The days where enterprise level companies needed call centers to provide customer support are now gone. Automation has reached this sector of business operations, just as it has many others. The automation of business processes has become highly popular, given its low overhead and more expedient and efficient service. The customer-centric process has become more streamlined and seamless.

Enterprise level companies can update their success strategy to shift away from traditional phone or CRM software and IT systems, into an advanced digital communications at scale. For continued growth at scale, businesses of this caliber must update the way they conduct communications.

Automate Your Way to Greater Success

Automation saves both time and money, both of which are important for any business to have more of. The current automation trend is sweeping the world and will continue to replace traditional systems and models. When it comes to customer service, the rise of the use of omnichannel chatbots is one especially helpful trend. This frees up time and money that can be redirected into other areas of a business. Robotic process automation is another area which has been seeing a surge of implementation within the business world. Digital tools are yet another way businesses have been cutting their costs and efforts, gaining more customers.

In today’s fast-paced world, where attention spans are short and a million and one things are grasping for that attention, businesses need to update the way their engage with people. Communication today needs to be quick, efficient, and effective. When it comes to enterprise level companies, it is essential to be a part of the digital transformation revolution and start serving customers at all communication channels. The demand has never been greater, and it will only increase in the future. Automating and scaling digital communications will have to be one of the major points of focus for companies going forward in planning a business strategy.

Digital tools work effortlessly together within an automated and collaborative environment. Everything from chatbots, to email, to SMS, to social media tools all work together, in one integrated digital communications service. Making the transition from the traditional call center model to digital communications and automated interactions has never been easier. Forget about having to deal with cumbersome phone calls by having customers diverted towards messaging solutions and automated processes instead.

Most customer issues can be resolved with these methods, which can reduce the backlog usually generated by companies not employing these digital strategies. Once all of that time that used to be spent answering calls for easy-to-fix issues customers have is freed up, agents can direct their focus on increasing brand loyalty and building better relationships with customers. Moving to an advanced digital customer communication platform is the ideal choice for businesses at any vertical.

Customers demand fast service that resolves their issues or answers their needs. The businesses and brands that have the highest levels of success are those that meet the needs of their customers in as little time as possible. Companies that allow themselves to become more accessible to their customers will see the greatest amount of loyalty from them. This helps retain more customers for longer, ensuring more revenue growth in the future.

While AI powered omnichannel chatbots are an integral component of a digital communications solution, there is also room and need for social media messaging with a live team. Using these two methods of communicating with customers allows a company to respond to them using the popular social media platforms customers are using. This method also makes it easy to route and match up customer requests based on the area of skill and availability of an agent. At the end of the day, this translates into shorter response times and again, greater customer satisfaction and retention.

Besides social media messaging, email still has a place as a customer service solution. Email communication between a live team and customers allows a company to control all of their emails, respond to customers, and categorize interactions. While the other methods outlined are preferable to email, this is still a medium which holds significance in its ability to support customers.

Effective Engagement Is Key

Effective Engagement Is Key

Today, companies have to provide a level of customer service that in times past was optional. Digital tools used at scale have the ability to improve the customer experience and ensure more effective engagement with customers. An omnichannel service platform would be able to provide the solutions necessary for enterprise level companies to elevate and put more focus on the customer experience.

Traditional phone call systems are not as effective as digital communications solutions are today. With a call center handling customer requests and communications, support may be inconsistent across various channels. This leads to low customer satisfaction, as well as low agent productivity. The same goes for situations where a social agency manages multiple brands. For increased consistency and productivity when engaging with customers, a digital communications solution is imperative.

Let’s face it; a phone call center leads to slow response times, which leads to frustrated customers, which leads to lost customers. Besides that, it is sometimes impossible to handle all the requests coming into a call center in a quick and effective way. When a company is unable to respond quickly enough, it will show on its bottom line.

Omnichannel Platform

An omnichannel platform becoming integrated into an enterprise level company’s communications solution will increase response time, leading to satisfied customers. Given the popularity of social media today, a company can easily respond to inquiries sent to its social media pages. Facebook and Twitter are two of the most commonly used social media platforms for companies to engage with their customers. This is a great way to answer more casual questions that customers may have. Even these more casual interactions can spell bad news for a business if it ignores them or does not respond within a short enough response time. Customers being responded to in a timely manner will be happier and more likely to speak favorably about a company to others, thereby increasing social proof.

An advanced omnichannel platform provides the ability for businesses to handle any requests that come through any channel a customer engages with the company through. Opting for an online chat system in lieu of a call center helps reduce the load on a company’s customer service team, allowing it to focus on more advanced issues. A simply automatic system provides options that a customer can select, according to what type of service they need.

Omnichannel Chatbots

Chatbot usage is seeing enormous growth currently, which is poised to continue rising astronomically in the future. Responses regarding returns, refunds, tracking orders, and other issues are quick and able to be automated. Customers can have these simple, but common, issues resolved quickly and seamlessly. What’s more is that this reduces costs and frees up time for company employees.

SMS Messaging

A secondary digital communication method for individuals who do not wish to use an automated chat system is SMS messaging. This is a solution for customers who do not wish to wait to go through the various options within the automatic system. The diversion of a sizable number of phone calls is a great time saver for both the customer and a company. This system has been so effective that roughly a quarter of all customer interactions are normally resolved in this way.

Omnichannel communication solutions reduce the load on a company, so it can focus on other issues, tasks, and projects. These solutions also enable experienced agents to help a customer who has an issue in a subject that agent is proficient in, thereby reducing the average response time. Less wait time for customers means greater satisfaction on their end for when their issues are resolved.

Managers also have the potential to increase the number of customer requests agents handle at any given time with a true omnichannel customer support platform. Employing asynchronous channels decreases phone calls overall, which will still occur, but with far less frequency.

Ensuring user experience is as good as it can be is a high priority today. With fierce competition in every industry, it is essential to do whatever it takes to stand out. Providing the best customer service possible is one of the most advantageous shifts a company can make. Traditional phone support or CRM software lacks the more direct and personalized service that automated digital communications can provide. Switching over to an automated digital communication solution will significantly enhance digital customer engagement.

Transition to an Omnichannel Solution

Transition to an Omnichannel Solution

Today, enterprise level companies can no longer afford pushing off the inevitability of a digitized world. Depending on the scale of a company, it can seem like a daunting task. However, there is now a next generation omnichannel communication platform that can help make the digital transformation as simple and seamless as possible.

CommBox is a software company that has been helping large businesses provide their customers with an omnichannel customer experience at scale. This is thanks to it being one of the leading providers of innovative omnichannel communication solutions. This service can help companies at the enterprise level support the software they use, as well as the clients they have, through all channels of communication.

All CommBox clients enjoys a customizable customer service platform equipped with all available digital communication channels. Configuring settings is simple and guided, with AI and machine learning algorithms taking much of the difficulty out of the entire process. If a company already has an existing CRM, contact center, or call center application it uses, CommBox can easily integrate to it.

Transitioning an enterprise level company to digital communication and automation can be a cumbersome and harrowing experience when done incorrectly. CommBox has several years of experience helping companies transform their communications to become as digital and automated as possible. The transition will be a smooth one, even if a company has an existing call center with live support. Switching over to automated interactions should make every company not employing digital communications to reconsider its strategy immediately.

There are times when it will still be necessary to have a live person providing service to certain customers. Thankfully, CommBox makes their task easier by providing them with a, smart inbox. Thanks for the omnichannel solution offered by CommBox, every step of a customer’s process of resolution will be facilitated. Bots work alongside the human team, helping take care of customer issues whenever possible. If a bot will be unable to fully resolve an issue, it will immediately hand over the interaction to someone on the human team.

CommBox Solution

Thanks to CommBox’s platform, numerous enterprise level companies have been able to improve their user experience and satisfaction, as well as increases their revenue growth while saving money on operational costs. Customers respond well to omnichannel services, which is why companies should embrace the new tools that are now at their disposal.

With its unique set of algorithms powering its digital and automated customer communication solutions, CommBox is able to provide a unique autonomous customer interaction center. Make the transition to an omnichannel solution today, with the help our dedicated team here at CommBox.

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