6 Essential Reasons Why WhatsApp Needs to Be Part of Your Customer Communication Solutions
  • 6 Essential Reasons Why WhatsApp Needs to Be Part of Your Customer Communication Solutions

    WhatsApp Customer Communication

    Whatsapp is one of the most widely used messaging platforms besides WeChat, Facebook messenger, and Telegram. However, with the launch of Whatsapp Business API, Whatsapp is no longer just a messaging app. With its latest updates, WhatsApp now has the potential to become one of the most powerful and influential customer engagement channels in the business world. 

    It’s therefore crucial for businesses to have a Whatsapp presence if they want to remain in the competition. 

    Consumers are willing to pay 16% more for products and services from businesses that provide an exceptional customer experience!

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    Global Engagement

    There are over 1.6 billion users of WhatsApp across the globe. With such a high consumption rate, Whatsapp is the perfect app for increasing sales and brand reach. According to Statista, The latest WhatsApp statistics show that two billion of its users access the messaging app every month (Statista, 2021). That’s 0.7 billion (or approximately 54 percent) more than its closest rival and parent company’s Facebook Messenger.

    WhatsApp’s popularity also ranks ahead of what many have argued to be its equivalents and popular alternatives in China, WeChat and QQ Mobile, which have an estimated 1.213 billion and 617 billion monthly active users respectively.

    Completing the list of the six most popular mobile messenger apps are Telegram (500 billion) and Snapchat (498 billion).

    Personalized Interactions with Customers

    Interacting with customers on Whatsapp adds a personal touch to the messages. Customers can communicate with the brand just like they normally talk to their friends or family. Moreover, Whatsapp fosters one-on-one communication where you can deal with each customer’s requirement individually and in a more personalized manner to build trust.

    In terms of demographics, WhatsApp usage is the highest among young US adults aged between 18 and 24, with 44 percent of people in this age group using the messaging app. 

    Quick Response to the Customers

    Customers prefer sticking to the brand that provides them resolution in a timely manner. With emails and other communication methods, responses are delayed. Whereas, with instant messaging apps like Whatsapp, you can connect with the customers in seconds. As a result, customer satisfaction will not be affected. 

    Secure Platform

    Whatsapp is a safe and secure platform for businesses to interact with their customers. With end-to-end encryption, consumers no longer have to worry about privacy issues. At the same time, important business information also remains confidential. 

    Delivery Updates

    With a medium like Whatsapp, customers no longer have to connect with the customer service team to get updates about their product delivery or check the website repeatedly. All the delivery updates can be sent by the brand on Whatsapp which is easily accessible by almost everyone. 

    Recommending Products to Customers as Per their Needs

    Whatsapp helps customers to connect with the brand in real-time where they can instantly buy the products they need. Based on the customer’s requirement, a brand can also send automated pictures, videos, and price range of the products. 


    There you have it! 6 important reasons why you need to leverage WhatsApp for your business! Remember, effective customer engagement is imperative for a brand’s reputation. The better the communication of the brand with the customers, the more customer loyalty increases towards the brand. Therefore, it’s essential to communicate with customers on a platform with which they are comfortable with. Hence, it’s important to use Whatsapp as a part of your customer communication solutions to not only increase your brand’s reach but to build an everlasting relationship with the customers.

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