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Divert phone calls to digital service and let your customers communicate with you they way they prefer.

Shift to Digital Service

Quickly integrate and implement new digital service channels
Divert callers to self-service or live digital agents through our virtual IVR. No more tedious IVR sessions!
Send automatic messages to customers who have waited for a long time or abandoned the call
Continue a phone call with SMS or other messaging platforms
Enable virtual identification - in some cases (e.g. provision of loans) you need to see the customers to verify their identity. Now you can do it from afar!
Enable your customers to send you photocopied documents from their smartphone through all digital channels instead of scanning them or sending them through mail or fax

Boost Your Existing Digital Assets

Provide unified customer service across all your social media assets using CommBox's smart omnichannel inbox
Implement smart and responsive customer service areas in your social media pages, websites and applications which can be updated quickly by the contact center managers instead of webmasters
Upgrade the "Contact Us" forms in your website and allow your customers to contact you in any way they prefer - email, SMS, chat, Facebook Messenger, etc.

Deliver Faster Support

Identify customer care and support issues in your social media channels and route them to the right agent with the right skills in the right support channel
Optimize your support by using our Bot and Intentions modules, understanding the issue and its urgency and transferring it the most appropriate channel
Provide effective virtual support - instead of sending a technician to the customer's home, you can find out remotely that the cable is disconnected :)

More Use Cases

Upgrade your customer experience and let your customers communicate with you the way THEY prefer.
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Convert customers to achieve your business goals with fast onboarding and lead generation features.
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