HFD Logistics: Achieving 98% Faster SLA and 58% Improved CSAT with Automation

The delivery giant revolutionized customer service by automating repetitive service requests, including package tracking, delivery address updates, and pick-up point changes. Initially phone-centric and overwhelmed during the pandemic, HFD has now evolved into an AI-powered, digital, and highly efficient operation.


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Reduction in operational costs

About HFD Logistics

HFD is a global delivery logistics company that serves a wide range of clients, including large companies such as AliExpress and ASOS. With over 3,000 business customers, HFD provides comprehensive delivery services, including E-commerce shipping, next-day deliveries, and an extensive network of 1,000 pick-up points. With an impressive volume, HFD successfully delivers 50,000 packages per day, catering to the needs of approximately 700,000 end-consumers each month

Channels & Integrations
WhatsApp, Facebook messenger, Email, IVR
Business Size
Small size (1 – 500)
Use Cases
  • IVR routing and customer authentication
  • Live & automated support 
  • Automated notifications
  • 24/7 self-service
  • Automation of repetitive inquiries
  • Bot to Human handover
  • Delivery tracking

The goal 

Delivering exceptional service under pressure

At the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, HFD faced a massive surge in service requests from multiple channels. Repetitive inquiries such as package tracking and delivery status consumed most of their agents’ time, making them work overtime and leaving them no room to focus on more complex issues. This situation overloaded the team, causing frustration and burnout.

While trying to handle these challenges, including high employee turnover rates, HFD invested significant time and resources into recruitment, hiring, and training new employees. They even organized a monthly training course for new hires.

To address this situation, HFD has set four main goals:

  1. Enhance digital engagement.
  2. Reduce work overload and repetitive tasks.
  3. Improve employee efficiency and retention.
  4. Achieve cost savings.

The Solution

Automating the supply chain to enhance efficiency and customer satisfaction

To address their customer service challenges, HFD adopted CommBox’s omnichannel, AI-driven platform, as the primary communication platform for HFD, with over 30 agents using it daily to interact with all customers from different channels, through one unified inbox.

Adopting CommBox has enabled HFD to deploy an AI chatbot that handles most of the repetitive service requests 24/7 – including providing delivery status and package location, changing pick-up points, and transferring the conversation to a live agent when needed. The adoption process was gradual – HFD started small by automating a minor part of its delivery process and gradually scaled up to automating the entire service process. 

Moreover, CommBox’s reporting and analytics tools also enabled HFD to track agent performance, customer satisfaction, employee productivity, SLA and resolution time.

“We sought a solution that prioritizes automation and AI, enabling us to enhance our delivery experience. Equally important was finding a genuine business partner who not only possesses the technology but also possesses a clear understanding of our industry and customer needs.”

Bar Sol, Head of Customer Service
HFD logistics and deliveries

The Result

A perfect mix of AI and the human touch

Adopting CommBox has proven to be the perfect solution HFD needed to achieve its four main objectives: enhancing digital engagement, improving employee efficiency and retention, reducing repetitive work and saving costs. 

HFD’s customer service and support department now handles 800+ customer requests daily while keeping the highest service standards. 

Remarkable achievements: 

  • SLA improved by 98% – from 7 hours to 7-10 min on business messaging, and from 3 days to 1 hour on email – all thanks to HFD’s ability to respond and resolve requests rapidly. 
  • AI chatbot resolution rate reaches 85%, freeing up live agents to focus on more complex tasks – only 15-20% of requests. 
  • 58% improvement in customer satisfaction (CSAT) – from 35% to a 95% satisfaction score in 15 months
  • 66% reduction in service tickets to business customers.  
  • 2X improvement in employee retention periods – from 6 to 12 months, thanks to improved agent satisfaction and reduced workloads. 
  • 35% reduction in labor costs – thanks to improved productivity, retention and well-scripted, optimized automation.

Reshaping the future of logistics 

HFD revolutionized its delivery experience with CommBox. By choosing a comprehensive partner with a vision for the future, HFD was able to start small and scale up, positioning itself as an even more powerful brand in the global logistics industry. HFD’s story is a message to logistics industry leaders – supply chain automation doesn’t conclude only in packaging and shipping, but also in the experience delivered with it. 

A red alert for logistics leaders 

The logistics and delivery industry is on the brink of a major transformation, driven by automation and digital communications. By 2025, the number of packages delivered worldwide is expected to climb to 200 billion, up from fewer than 90 billion in 2018. 

Brands must allow customers to track their packages from the warehouse to their doorstep, and communicate with customer service agents through various channels. This would lead to faster, more efficient, and more sustainable delivery options, as well as a better customer experience.

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