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What is a Chatbot? CommBox ChatBox, The Best Customer Service Agent

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CommBox ChatBox. When doing business related to the sale of products or services on the Internet, it’s natural to use solutions and opportunities that will allow us to operate more effectively and increase sales. New technologies and the chance they offer are a particularly attractive area.

Among the available productivity applications, special attention should be paid to bots that can be used for communication with customers. Our CommBox is a really effective and efficient example of this, So let’s take a look at how to utilize and sell through Chatbots on the Internet, what advantages they have and how we can use them to achieve success in the e-commerce industry.

In case you’re still wondering what a Chatbot is, let’s give you a quick answer, then we can dive into more detail below…

What Is A Chatbot?

Chatbots are virtual advisors, consultants or assistants whose task is to talk to an Internet user in real-time. However, they conduct conversations without human intervention. In reality, they are computer programs equipped with special algorithms that enable conversation and activities related to your customers needs.

A great advantage of this tool is the possibility of 24/7 customer service – throughout the year. Let’s take a further look in detail…

What else do we like chatbots for? For access to all the necessary knowledge on a given topic, relatively quick answers and full availability. Of course, it’s not a tool without challenges – and we can support you to make them work for you, but you’ll quickly realize the benefits of this means that communication can be massively scaled and includes not only the improvement of user experience and satisfaction …but also financial savings.

Use Of Chatbots

So what is the real purpose of chatbots? There is no single, simple answer to this question. The world of chatbots is developing dynamically and we’ve implemented all manner of bespoke solutions. The aim is simply to keep in touch with the customer, both current and potential.

However, for the sake of simplicity, the following areas are clear examples in which bots will prove themselves:

  • Content marketing – providing knowledge and information from various fields
  • Customer service
  • Notifications – personalized reminders
  • Location of sites
  • Purchase and ordering of products (e.g. food)
  • Product consulting – recommendations based on preferences
  • Competitions – Receipt of applications
  • Entertainment

Chatbots are a response to the growing needs and expectations of customers, therefore the scope of their activities will continue to grow.

Chatbots And Applications

chatbotUntil now, most of the customers’ needs were satisfied by applications. They made it possible to monitor the diet, provide access to cinema repertoire, facilitate the use of certain brands’ services or simply provide entertainment. As we hinted at earlier, the chatbot is now equipped to take over all these functions, and it also offers the convenience we couldn’t experience with any app. Can we expect the application to be replaced by chatbots?

According to Annie’s “Spotlight on Consumer App Usage” report, the average user uses 10 apps per day, across 30 Apps per month. So we can generally expect fatigue of users using Apps – given the huge number of available applications and the space they occupy on our device.

‘The average user uses 10 apps per day, across 30 Apps per month’

It can also be frustrating to have to update them all the time. In addition, the performance of an application is closely dependent on the speed of the device you are using, which often puts you to the test of patience.

Chatbots do not have these drawbacks. They do not take up additional memory on the device, and in addition, they’re faster, simpler and very intuitive. Chatbots are also online tools, so you don’t need to download them – just send a message in a text application. The advantage of this tool is also built on personalization and customization.

It’s difficult to say whether chatbots will replace applications. However, one thing is certain – bots are the tools of the future.

Advantages For Marketers

Bots are a solution that brings many benefits to marketers. Among them, it is worth mentioning the obvious one of being a faster and cheaper customer service agent, but also the ability to attract new customers from companies who spend a lot of time on the web – using mobile devices (this group is constantly growing).

What’s more, thanks to bottlenecks, it’s far easier to finalize purchases from a mobile device, which has a positive impact on sales growth. Not only that! But bots are still a novelty in its growth phase, whose implementation may give us a distinct advantage over the competition – which company would not want that!

Save time and money

The use of chatbots in sales on the Internet has numerous advantages. Above all, however, it saves both money and time. In the case of money, it’s mainly about reducing the expenditures needed to ensure a sufficient number of employees handling the customer service department.

Thanks to bots, consultants only need to deal with the more unusual issues, where customers requirements ‘fall off the conveyer belt’. It’s estimated that bots are able to cope with as much as 70% of the tasks performed by human services.

What’s more, a bot allows maintaining fluency in communication – regardless of how many people at the same time ask a question. It is also a perfect solution for maintaining contact with the customer.

Bots are able to cope with as much as 70% of the tasks performed by human services’.

Fair to say that nowadays the customer doesn’t want to wait too long for a company’s response. We all care about the one resource we can’t get back …time, so, often not receiving a quick answer means we simply give up the service of that company in favor of the competitor that operates more efficiently. One could argue Bots provide those important marginal gains when it comes to minor differences in ‘timely responses’.

So using the ChatBot in fast and efficient communication with customers is an excellent idea – it translates directly into increased sales, which would undoubtedly make your ChatBox the best customer service agent you could get!

It’s also worth noting that the use of this modern technology does not have to involve large financial outlays. The majority of customers have their own Facebook profile, so starting interaction with the bot doesn’t require any additional activity on their part!.

‘Nowadays the customer does not want to wait too long for the company’s response’

Watch this video to learn more on how Chatbots can help your business


What About The Customers?

Of the benefits of using the bot, we cannot focus solely on its advantages for the company. We all know very well that customer satisfaction is extremely important. So let’s see if the bots are able to influence them positively.

The answer to this question is very positive. Customers will willingly interact with bots and appreciate the service they receive thanks to this solution, as service and solution – by the way – that can be almost indistinguishable from a real agent.

It’s primarily the lack of a need to leave the ‘used instant messengers’, so it provides plenty of conveniences. The customer can ask a question at any time, without having to search for another website or send an e-mail – without even interrupting the conversation with friends.

What’s more, our Commbox ChatBot has the ability to remember the profile of a specific user (e.g. the size of clothes worn, preferences, frequently purchased products, etc), not only does this personalize the experience for the user, but it significantly speeds up the sales process, which is also important for customers nowadays – remember the marginal gains part we mentioned?

The recipient, who uses the bot’s help, receives information about products that are tailored to his needs, interests, and preferences. Among other things, the bots use information about previous customer choices, as well as demographic data provided by users on their profiles. Thanks to this, sales become much more effective, and the customer himself is much more satisfied with the service, which seems to ‘understand her needs’ and finds appropriate solutions for them.

What Are The Additional Benefits For Customers?

It’s worth adding that a bot is a much faster answer to our questions. It’s possible thanks to the built-in FAQ directory, which can store and instantly recall a whole host of questions most frequently asked by customers …and return fast answers to them. This solution is currently used by the majority of shops and companies operating in the Network.

Usually, the FAQ is a list of questions from which the customer has to find what he or she wants to ask when presented with a list. As a result, the user often finds their question is not answered as they would interpret it, and potentially do not get the answer they need.

In the case of a bot like Commbox, it’s enough to ask a question and the bot can automatically answer it, based on the learned responses and content embedded in the program. Therefore, the customer does not have to search the FAQ on the website to get a satisfactory answer. This saves a lot of time for both the user AND the company.

As you can see, using AI (artificial intelligence) in sales on the Internet is a novelty with a bright future ahead of it. The popularity of bots will grow. Therefore, it is worth it to be one step ahead of everyone and consider investing in this modern technology. If nothing else because simply put – they’re really effective and can bring considerable savings.

Advantages of using CommBox

Commbox provides communication between individual departments of the company and customers in an automated way. It’s a very simple and transparent way of contacting people in multiple formats, such as text messages, or e-mails, but also video chat or voice chat.

The platform can be conveniently integrated with social media and other internal systems to create a company-wide system incorporating CRM’s, Service systems and Marketing program to name a few.

With the help of ‘clear chat’, the platform facilitates communication within the team by creating group chats too.

An additional advantage of the platform is also a widely developed system of analyses, thanks to which we can easily monitor customer satisfaction and have insight into all types of statistics we are interested in concerning the functioning of the bot. So on the back end, you get your own form of ‘Big Data’.


As you can see, using a chatbox is a solution that brings benefits both for customers, who can easily obtain the necessary information, and for companies, thanks to huge savings and leveraging data with speed!

Because thanks to Commbox, reaching customers is fully automated and allows for 24/7 service. Commbox is a perfect combination of functionality for both parties involved. To learn more about this, we encourage you to get in touch, or why not just start your Demo now.

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