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CommBox lets your agents personalize your omnichannel customer experience from a single smart inbox and outbox, without compromising each channel’s native features.

Communicate Features

Smart Inbox

CommBox Smart Inbox is an innovative communications center that completely addresses this challenge, offering a simple and effective way to engage customers through all communication channels. Each inquiry is immediately assigned to the relevant agents according to pre-determined business rules – the level of channel synchronization, SLA, personal agent, customer segmentation, skills, loads, etc. Each one of your agents gets their own Smart Inbox. They can rapidly engage customers across all channels using the same simple conversational interface.

Agent Routing

Our routing engine was built to boost agent efficiency and to increase the satisfaction of both agents and customers. The routing engine is based on skills, loads, intentions and other variables, and it offers quick and simple configuration and automation.

You can assign conversations automatically and smartly by agent skills, channels and channel synchronization, personalization, SLA, load balancing, and also offer your VIP customers a personalized agent.

Team Collaboration

Our workflow engine enables effective team workflow management. It allows your agents to consult with your company experts in real-time using our fun and effective Internal Messenger (IM).

Your agents can also forward conversations to users inside or outside your organization who are not working with CommBox and manage their responses as part of the workflow.

Knowledge Base &
Smart Responses

CommBox automatically creates a knowledge base of agent responses to customer inquiries across all communication channels. It identifies common issues (e.g. “What do I do when a customer requests a refund?”) and provides the agents with AI-based answers. Executives can define the answers in the knowledge base themselves, and agents can suggest their own answers too. These answers may include links to relevant forms, documents and web pages.

You can further improve your efficiency by creating shortcuts for canned responses, FAQs, knowledge base articles, and general information pages.

Forms & Co-Browsing

This module allows customers to sign forms during a conversation with your agent. It is a co-browsing tool that enables agents to monitor and guide the customers through complex forms. Just upload a PDF file and define fields that need to be filled in (both required and optional). You can send direct links to the forms while communicating with your customers. Relevant agents will be immediately notified when their customers start filling in forms. Then, they can follow the filling process and help customers along the process. Finally, the complete, digitally signed PDF file will be sent to the relevant customers and agents.

Communicate Benefits

Provide your agents with one unified inbox for all channels
Keep each channel’s native capabilities and advantages
Empower your team with effective tools and boost productivity
Give your customers what they need in a faster and more friendly way

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We’re extremely excited to announce that we have changed our company name to CommBox. It’s still the same company with the same awesome people! just a new name, a fresh look, and a brighter future.

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