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Supercharge Your SAP with CommBox for Effective Customer Communication

Supercharge Your SAP with CommBox for Effective Customer Communication

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Effective Customer Communication. SAP has long been one of the leading ERP systems across industries and organizations. Using SAP means you’ll be able to manage your business more efficiently and effectively. However, SAP was not built as a customer communication platform, nor does it try to be one. Like any other management system, it needs to supplement its capabilities with customer communications and experience tools. Integrating CommBox is the game-changing decision you should make this year to maximize your organization’s growth potential.

In the quest for hypergrowth, some companies might opt to integrate various add-ons separately, only to find themselves tangled in complex efforts to make stand-alone products work together. These projects often seem never-ending, as one thing or the other always seems to go wrong. Yet, seamless integration is just the first step. The real challenge lies in ensuring that these tools actually deliver tangible value by infusing business communication logic into your CRM. This is where CommBox comes into play.

CommBox: The Power of Business Communication Logic Directly from Your CRM

By integrating CommBox with SAP, you open doors to new possibilities and facilitate business growth opportunities that were previously untapped.

Imagine launching mass communication campaigns targeted at leads or existing customers, proactively reaching out to them precisely when they need insurance renewals. Or to remind patients to set follow-up appointments. Or send timely, personalized subscription reminders. Envision a single, unified workspace within SAP, where every call is automatically directed to the right team, at the right time, across any communication channel. Now this is a growth strategy worth pursuing.

Engage Your Customers in Autonomous, Resolution-Focused Customer Interactions

With CommBox’s unified workspace integrated into SAP, you can do all of the above and more:

  1. Choose your target audience directly from SAP.
  2. Select the preferred digital channel with the best customer response and engagement, such as WhatsApp or SMS.
  3. Define your desired flow.

That’s it.

Your customers receive personalized notifications on their preferred digital channel, containing tailored offers based on their specific data seamlessly pulled from SAP—be it SMS, email, WhatsApp, or any other messaging app.

Leveraging the power of AI and ChatGPT

With the power of AI and GPT, using flexible, out-of-the-box digital flows, your customers can navigate autonomous, resolution-focused journeys, effortlessly resolving their queries and issues independently. No human-agent involvement is required unless there are specific, personalized matters to address.

Let’s take car insurance renewals as an example:

  1. Customers receive a notification with a personalized offer catering to their specific needs and preferences, using SMS or WhatsApp, which have opening rates exceeding 95%, and are particularly effective.
  2. Customer clicks “yes” and is prompted to identify themselves digitally, providing their ID number or the last four digits of their credit card.
  3. The identified customer clicks “yes” on the personalized renewal offer.
  4. The entire interaction is automatically recorded on Salesforce, capturing all documentation, tags, and ratings.

Customers can click through the autonomous, AI-powered journey easily, resolving their matters in seconds. No human-agent involvement is needed, unless there are personal, specific issues.

The Perfect Mix of Digital and the Human Touch

While autonomous interactions empower customers, there are cases where human support becomes essential. CommBox integrated with SAP delivers the ideal integration of digital and human-supported channels, ensuring perfect resolution.

Take Clalit, for instance. Clalit is one of the world’s biggest HMOs. Clalit has over 5.5 million customers, and tens of thousands of doctors, consultants, and other healthcare professionals. It also manages dozens of hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, and laboratories, all spread throughout Israel.

By implementing CommBox integrated with SAP, Clalit unifies all its digital services and customer support functions through a single WhatsApp number. Patients can schedule clinic visits, request prescription refills, and more. CommBox’s personalized digital journey seamless;y connects patients with the right human agent when necessary, based on predefined business rules, and optimized care delivery. Based on the customer inquiry, the system redirects the inquiry to the right team, at the right hospital or healthcare facility, in the right geographic region, and at the right time of day. The customer gets the optimal personalized resolution to their specific inquiry, as urgent cases are flagged for immediate response.

Human Agents Can Drive Your Growth

Human agents can play a crucial role in transforming customer inquiries into sales opportunities.

Here’s how CommBox enhances agent performance within SAP:

  1. Agents manage interactions from the unified CommBox workspace within SAP, eliminating the need to switch between screens and applications.
  2. Each inquiry is automatically routed to the most suitable agent, ensuring efficient resolution.
  3. Agents focus solely on addressing customer inquiries while CommBox automatically records technicalities into SAP, including customer identification, inquiry summaries, and ratings.
  4. Agents can handle up to 20 conversations simultaneously across multiple digital channels.
  5. Infusing business logic into SAP elevates customer satisfaction and Net Promoter Scores (NPS) by enabling self-service and effortless resolution of common inquiries.
  6. The numbers speak for themselves: Transitioning to digital communication results in an 85% reduction in inquiry costs.

User-Friendly Implementation Interface and Flexible, Out-of-the-Box Workflows

CommBox offers extreme flexibility, allowing you to tailor workflows to your specific requirements. With an array of out-of-the-box options, you can easily create procedures aligned with your vision. Best of all, implementing CommBox with SAP doesn’t require dedicated resources.

Curious to see what it looks like in action? Schedule your demo today

Incorporating CommBox into your SAP integration revolutionizes your customer communications, enhances agent performance, boosts sales, and reduces costs. It’s undoubtedly the best decision you’ll make all year. Schedule your demo today and witness the transformative power of CommBox in action.

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