CommBox Selected Officially by WhatsApp as One of its Alpha Vendor API partners - CommBox

CommBox Selected Officially by WhatsApp as One of its Alpha Vendor API partners

CommBox Selected Officially by WhatsApp as One of its Alpha Vendor API partners

CommBox is pleased to announce that it has been selected by Whatsapp, the global messaging app, to be one of their Alpha Vendor API partners. As an API partner, CommBox customers will be able to set up the Whatsapp Business API feature to quickly interact with their customers and use the best value available on Whatsapp.

With over 1.5 billion users across the world, there is no denying the stature of Whatsapp as a messaging platform. For businesses, Whatsapp is rolling out its API feature where they can set up dedicated channels and stay connected with their customers.

The CommBox Whatsapp Business API Solution lets customers communicate with their brand over Whatsapp in one smart inbox. This makes it extremely convenient and easy for users to interact with live agents, who in turn can better serve customers and respond quickly.

CommBox saw the great potential WhatsApp’s business app had for connecting businesses with their customers, and that’s why we were one of the first integrators of the solution. We were chosen by Whatsapp to be one of their alpha vendors for the business API, a position only awarded to a select few businesses worldwide,” said Eli Israelov, CEO & Co-Founder of CommBox.

With the CommBox API, businesses can connect their Whatsapp account as a single channel. Given the popularity of the app, they can thus derive maximum benefits, including an increase in sales and creating a rapport with customers that comes from using Whatsapp. Earlier, only the web application of Whatsapp allowed offering customer support via assigning it to just one person.

A great advantage of using the CommBox solution is that it saves end customers from the barrage of marketing emails and promotional campaigns they usually receive. With one Whatsapp channel, businesses can route through it their marketing, product promotion, and new services, as well as providing customer support swiftly and comfortably.

The Whatsapp Business app was launched in January 2018 to a limited audience. The limited launch received a huge response from businesses of all sizes, who consider the reach and value of Whatsapp as a customer service channel to be invaluable to their growth.


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