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The SMS module offers two-way communication with customers through SMS messages. Every communication channel you open represents one phone number of your organization. Now you can communicate directly by SMS at ease – your customers answer whenever they please, and your representatives just take it from there. This asynchronous module can greatly improve both customer experience and representative efficiency. It integrates with existing interactive voice response (IVR) technologies, so you can reduce the load on the contact center by directing customers who are waiting on the line to the SMS service, or send customized personal SMS to customers who have disconnected the call while waiting for a representative, dealing with possible abandonment. This module also enables reply management for bulk SMS marketing, so your customers can reply directly to the SMS messages you send them. It also supports MMS messages and images, which allowed many of our customers to completely stop using fax machines. With this module, you can also easily transfer customers to other communication channels, such as forms, chat, etc.

What’s more?

Auto messages – You can now send automatic auto-messages after user first message, to give an instant response via SMS. Customize the message according to your business specific use case.

Bots & Automation – Automate what can be automated by building AI-powered SMS chatbots. Use bots to take the load off your agents and resolve customer interactions using the latest automation features through the SMS messaging.

Customer Satisfaction Survey – Use customer satisfaction surveys, This feature lets you manage when you send the survey, What will be the possible answers the customer can choose from, and a Thank you response message. A complete solution for all your customer satisfaction needs and all within the SMS messaging channel.

Auto assignments – You can enable auto-assign of conversations to agents by several parameters like workload, skill, permissions, etc. Additionally, you can allow agents to associate responses, and assign the conversation to the last agent.

Split conversations – in private messages through SMS messaging channel it is possible to set that after 24 hours with no communication from the customer’s side, the conversation will be marked as “resolved”, and any communication from the customer’s side after that will be considered as a new conversation.


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