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Join the CommBox Partners Program

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ommBox Partners Program. At CommBox we strive to make meaningful partnerships with the companies who need our omnichannel robust solution the most! We believe a good company can become a great company by utilizing the latest AI tools and advanced software. We build long-lasting and valuable partnerships through this program. This post will tell you all about our Commbox Partners Program. You’ll learn everything you need to know about CommBox, who can benefit from the Partner Program, and how you can easily join and start empowering your business.

What Is CommBox?

CommBox is an all in one customer communication platform for messaging through all digital channels powered by AI.

  • Out of the box – CommBox is a complete, open, and flexible platform. The product can be up and running in just a few clicks (enterprise-ready software).
  • Designed to allow business automation across all channels.
  • It supports full integration with CRM and contact center systems – Fit for modern businesses and integrates perfectly with the software you know and love.
  • Omnichannel bots – Advanced omnichannel chatbots so you can meet customer needs anytime and anywhere.
  • Integrated business automation.

What Problems Does CommBox Solve?

There’s so much buzz around Omnichannel, AI, and Automation, but why? What problems does an AI-powered omnichannel platform solve?

Modern business environments are fast-paced and demanding. Customers in the digital age have higher expectations than ever before and companies are now competing on customer experience rather than product price or quality. There are so many factors that contribute to offering a superior customer experience, and they are all important. In a fiercely competitive world, standing out from the crowd can’t be left to chance. Every element of your business, from your customer-facing agents, your employee happiness, your resolution time, and the technology that keeps your business running must be carefully managed. At its core, an omnichannel platform is about promoting a better way of working. Better in this context means technology that just works, empowering agents to be more efficient, and leveraging data to action business improvements far into the future. Below are the specific problems CommBox helps solve.

Faster Complex Responses

CommBox’s Smart inbox allows customer service agents to work on multiple conversations at the same time, vastly reducing the backlog of tickets. Fast response time is crucial in the modern world. Every minute a ticket goes unanswered or a customer waits in a queue, the more frustrated they become.

AI Boosted Efficiency with Chatbots

Does every customer query require a human agent to respond to? No. Do you experience a spike in call volumes at certain times of the day or certain months of the year? If you answered yes, then Chatbots can help alleviate the pressure on your agents. Chatbots can be designed to answer lots of simple customer questions and free agents up to work more closely with customers with complex problems.

Customer Retention

It’s cheaper to keep an existing customer than it is to attract new customers, and this is why mastered customer retention is key. Providing great customer service is by far the best way to retain customers. With CommBox advanced reports and analytics tools, you have quick and easy access to customer data and customer lead information. You can use reports to gain actionable insights into your business, design more powerful marketing strategies, and design a roadmap for the future. The more you know about your customers, the better equipped you are to connect with them and deliver what they want. In business, information equals success.

Brand Reputation

With fast and reliable customer service, you can build and maintain a stellar reputation. This reputation will help set you apart from your competition and shine. It will also attract new customers to your business.

See how the CommBox partners program can help your business grow!

Who Should Join the Commbox Partner Program?

The CommBox partner program is perfect for contact/call centers of all sizes. It’s also great for contact center software providers, or CRM software providers. Customers now expect that your solution will support all digital channels including WhatsApp, mail, chat, SMS, social messaging, and more! Failure to meet these expectations can leave you lagging behind your competitors. Why? Customers will go where they see the most value. In today’s world, most value means the best customer experience.

Customers want to be able to engage with your company in the way that best suits their lifestyle and their preferences. Some customers will prefer to call, some customers will prefer to SMS, and some customers prefer to talk on WhatsApp. And some customers prefer not to have to talk to an agent at all and just want an instant response from a chatbot. The communication options (or lack thereof) can become a major deciding factor for customers. Customers can buy a product from anywhere, but what if something goes wrong? What if the customer has more questions to ask? These are questions we often think before we buy. We want to know that if anything occurs, that the issue will be solved quickly. Sometimes it’s not even about a problem! Sometimes we just want to have an open dialogue with the company and discuss what other products would be a great addition to the one we already have.

You may be missing out on opportunities to sell more products to your customers by not being available when they are and not communicating on their terms. The same is true for customer issues and grievances. If the customer has a painful customer experience full of friction, then they will be less likely to buy from you in the future. This will inform their decisions going forward. However, with an omnichannel platform, you can create a frictionless experience that doesn’t just meet customer expectations but exceeds them.

Building an omnichannel platform from scratch is time-consuming. In today’s rapidly changing world, you can risk being left behind while building the platform. You must keep up with the pace! With CommBox, you get an out of the box omnichannel platform that can integrate into your existing business software. It’s advanced and flexible, therefore capable of meeting a variety of needs, no matter what industry you work in or who your customers are.

Our Current Partners

These are some of the great businesses that use CommBox to bring world-class customer service. This list also includes partnerships we have with leading software providers which showcases the integration potential of our platform. We’re always looking for great businesses to partner with, whether it’s to bring new communication tools to our clients and their customers, or whether it’s to bring CommBox to the businesses that need it the most!


WhatsApp Messenger is a popular freeware and cross-platform messaging and Voice over IP service owned by Facebook. We are one of the first integrators of WhatsApp Business – We saw its potential straight away.


Our cooperation with Amazon, the electronic commerce and cloud computing giant, mostly revolves around its Cloud Computing platform, Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Ewave Group

Ewave Group employs almost 1000 professionals worldwide and holds several companies in various sectors including web, mobile, IoT, supply chain management, medical solutions, and real estate. Ewave Group is a major investor of CommBox and we’re delighted to have them on board.


Facebook is a social media giant. We integrate with the social network and its Messenger service.


Amdocs specializes in software and services for communications, media, and financial services providers and digital enterprises. Our cooperation revolves around its Clarify CRM platform.


Nixxis is one of the largest call center software with over 30 physical locations worldwide.


We integrate with Microsoft’s popular Dynamics CRM platform.


Oracle specializes in developing database software and technology, cloud engineered systems, and enterprise software products. Our cooperation revolves around Big Data and CRM/ERP integration.

How the Program Works

How We Work Together

CRM Integration – CommBox integrates directly with your existing CRM or customer service software. This means you can experience a unified desktop environment that will fully support your agents in their work. You can keep the software you know and love but take it to the next level. With CommBox, the integration of new channels is quick and easy and your CRM will be automatically updated when a new channel is added. With our Smart Inbox feature, agents can expertly handle a huge influx of tickets efficiently and without hassle.

Contact and Cell Center Integration – Integrating CommBox with your existing contact center systems couldn’t be easier! Using our real-time API, you can automatically add multiple channels to your contact center work environment with ease. You can then automate business processes to streamline your contact center!


Okay, so you want to be a member, what happens next? You take part in a series of meetings so we can deliver the best experience for your company. Here’s how it works.

1st Meeting – The goal of this meeting is to understand the technical and business considerations of your company and determine the correct configuration. We can discuss cloud, isolated cloud, integration, and white label considerations (several tiers). You can use our robust cloud solution on AWS if that makes the most sense for your business. We also have flexible installation and configuration processes to work with any number of servers. You can utilize this if you want to run your own set of nodes in an isolated cloud network. This means you can separate and encrypt your data efficiently and according to your security policies.

2nd Meeting – This is where we send our team over to assist with the integration and ensure everything goes smoothly. We work with your business and pay careful attention to your business needs to configure CommBox in the way that best suits your business. We support you through every step of the technical integration.


Once onboarding is complete, you will be assigned a dedicated Project Manager. The Project Manager will take care of all your business needs and will provide tailored made support and guidance. They will:

  • Educate your teams about CommBox
  • Build a strategic plan.
  • Provide client acquisition strategy ideas.
  • Help with marketing and promotional materials.


You are never left alone! CommBox provides top of the line support to all of its partners. We help with technical difficulties, system implementation, and more.

  • As a partner, we will train you to provide the first line of support.
  •  CommBox provides 2nd and 3rd line support at all levels.

Become a CommBox partner today! It’s time for you to tell your customers that your solution is using cutting edge technology and become fully omnichannel. Join the CommBox Partners program today and empower your business!

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