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10 Tips for Creating a Great WhatsApp Business Chatbot

10 Tips for Creating a Great WhatsApp Business Chatbot

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WhatsApp Business Chatbot. Every business’ survival lies in successful sales at a large scale, but selling your products and services is no easy task. Using efficient tools is critical to engage with customers wherever they are and sell across channels 24/7.

This article will share interesting facts about sales and provide essential tips on getting more leads and boosting conversions to sales.

Spoiler: The solution lies in powerful omnichannel communication.

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Sales Take More than a Great Product 

Today, successful sales are also the outcome of the experience you deliver to your customers. Sure, you need a desirable product, but customers also pay for the experience you provide.

Research indicates that 80% of B2B customers buy based on a direct or indirect customer experience. Only 20% buy based on the price or the actual offering.

More Research shows that 87% of consumers want a personalized and consistent experience across channels, and 73% of consumers use multiple channels to discover and buy products. This means providing cross-channel shopping options can amplify your customer experience and boost your sales.

Businesses can increase their revenue by 80% by improving their customer experience, so CX is undoubtedly a top priority!

One poor experience can be a one-way street to your competition – companies in the U.S. lose $1.6 trillion because of customers jumping to competitors due to poor customer service. Plus, 96% of customers would share a poor experience with their friends and family, so you don’t lose only one customer; you lose dozens each time!

How Powerful Communications Generate More Sales  

Communication is the basics to achieving a great customer experience, and in today’s digital environment, digital communication solutions are becoming more significant. Customers search for products and buy them online, demanding businesses to be available and sell around the clock.

Selling your product and services requires effective communication through every channel and platform. Digital communication can determine whether a customer would buy your product – over 45% of B2B technology buyers are 25-34 years old, making them the single largest demographic, followed by 30% in the 35- to 44-year-old age group. Plus, over 90% of consumers expect consistent communication across channels, and 70% use multiple channels for busing products and services.

Omnichannel sales tools allow you to engage with customers across channels from one place 24/7, provide a personalized customer experience across all customer touchpoints, and eventually increase your sales.

Let’s show you how.

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How to Use Chatbots and Omnichannel Solutions to Boost Sales 

Omnichannel sales solutions can assist you throughout your sales cycle – starting from lead generation and qualification, lead management and sales, and customer retention.

Get More Leads and Qualify Customers with Chatbots 

Chatbots are virtual assistants that can help you generate and qualify leads. A sales chatbot can engage with customers and automatically ask them a series of predefined questions to understand their interest in your product and their scale of work. 

Once the chatbot identifies a customer who might be interested in buying your products, the bot automatically creates a lead in your system with contact details. The chatbot can also schedule an appointment or route the potential customer to an available sales agent to speed up the selling process. 

You can build a sales chatbot with omnichannel tools like CommBox, a customer communication platform that enables you to create customized chatbots in minutes, no coding skills are required. You can build a bot for lead generation, sales, billing, customer service, or other purposes.

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Manage Leads From One Place and Convert Prospects to Sales

Lead management is the next step after your chatbot collects a new lead. This is when you offer your products and services for sale and build personal relationships with your customers. To manage your leads from all channels more efficiently, you need to enhance your agents’ abilities.

You can boost your agents’ productivity with tools that allow them to converse with multiple customers simultaneously, instead of a salesperson speaking to one customer at a time. All you need is to unify all customer interactions to a central interface. 

Research shows that a unified communication approach led to substantial benefits: 

  • 84% of companies increased employee productivity.
  • 50% increase in agent productivity.
  • 2.9x average handle time improvement year-over-year.
  • 80% decrease in customer complaints.

In other words, you need an omnichannel platform. A case study shows moving to an omnichannel platform can multiply your customer interactions by five times more!

CommBox offers a unified inbox for customer interactions, allowing sales agents to communicate with customers through any digital channel they prefer: Facebook Messenger, Instagram, WhatsApp, Telegram, Email, SMS, and more. By interacting with customers across channels, you improve their CX and increase your sales faster.

Automate your Sales Cycle with AI and Automation Rules 

A human can’t deal with a large scale of leads all at once, but an AI sure can. AI allows you to automate work processes by setting automation rules. You can automatically list a lead in your CRM, route calls, verify identification details, and much more.

By automating these repetitive tasks, you reduce SLA, improve your efficiency, allow your sales agents to focus on selling your products; all these will eventually lead to an increase in your bottom line. You can also use AI-powered chatbots to complete sales end-to-end in some industries. (we’ll elaborate on how down the article).

So how can you automate your sales cycle? Implement an AI-powered communication platform like CommBox in your organization. CommBox offers various automation capabilities like automation rules, call routing, personalized and automated notifications, automated signature collecting, and more features that ease your salespeople’s work.

Retain More Customers with an Exceptional Customer Experience

A successful sale is not the end of the sales process but only a part of a repeating cycle. Your relationship with your customers has only started, and to ensure future sales, you need to retain customers by constantly engaging with them and providing flawless customer service. Always keep pushing towards the best customer experience and continue selling your products.

You can use the CommBox omnichannel solution to serve your customer 24/7 from all channels, send personalized notifications and customer satisfaction surveys, offer gifts and coupons; all will enhance your customer experience and increase chances of retention. By analyzing customer data, you can monitor every part of the customer journey and improve your retention rates.

CommBox’s omnichannel platform allows you to provide excellent customer service 24/7 and engage with customers across channels.

And how can you recognize success?

CommBox analyzes every customer interaction and presents valuable insights in a smart dashboard. You can see performance reports, overview successful and unsuccessful sales processes, and use customer data to improve your business strategy, generate more sales and retain more customers.

How to Increase Sales in Your industry With CommBox

Retail – Use eCommerce Chatbots to Sell your Products 24/7 

Chatbots interact with your shoppers from the first moment, offering products such as clothing, electronics, beauty, etc. Chatbots can manage your entire sales process from initial interaction to transaction. Then, your chatbots can offer more products to generate additional sales.

You can quickly build a customized chatbot for your eCommerce store with CommBox.

CommBox’s chatbot can:

  • Present products in a catalog carousel based on previous search or purchase history.
  • Complete transactions and collect payments automatically.
  • Set the items for shipping and send real-time delivery updates until the shipment arrives.
  • Direct customers to the nearest store or pickup point based on their location.
  • Be available to your customers for any future questions.

Our chatbots are also great at providing customer service. They can reply immediately to multiple shoppers, divert loads from human agents and reduce your SLA.

Finance – Advise and Sell at Scale Across Multiple Channels 

Today’s consumers demand financial services to be digital – according to a McKinsey report, 71% of clients prefer multichannel interaction and 25% desire a fully digitally enabled private banking journey with remote human assistance when needed. A new study also finds that the total number of people who use digital banking systems will reach 3.6 billion in 2024 — a dramatic increase (54%) from 2.4 billion in 2020.

To fully transform your bank or insurance company to digital, you need to connect your organization to an omnichannel platform like CommBox.

CommBox allows financial institutions such as banks and insurance companies to undergo a complete digital transformation process and serve customers across channels through one interface.

Sales agents in financial institutions can use CommBox to:

  • Offer professional services to multiple customers in various channels.
  • Offer loans, mortgages, or insurance leases and close more deals faster.
  • Meet customers on video chat to deliver advice and sell your services.
  • Send documents and sign contracts remotely without meeting in person.
  • Add an agent or a customer’s family member to a conversation when help is needed.

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Keep a Close Customer Relationship Using Chatbots for Financial Institutions 

CommBox’s chatbots are highly efficient in the financial industry. You can define a bot for lead generation, customer service, or any other purpose.

CommBox’s chatbot will:

  • Generate new leads in your CRM for a sales agent to contact later.
  • Answer FAQ and provide initial advice for simple questions.
  • Schedule an appointment with a banker or insurance agent.
  • Be available to your customers for any future questions.

CommBox’s solution successfully transformed large financial companies such as Clal, The Phoenix, AIG, Discount Bank, and others by implementing digital solutions that improved customer communication and customer experience.

AIG – a  global insurance and finance company and one of the largest in Israel, implemented CommBox and created a unique service bot named “Poly”.

”Poly” helped AIG:

  • Increase its digital customer interactions by nearly 500%.
  • Increase employee satisfaction by 28%.
  • Resolve 17% of first-time customer requests and facilitate AIG’s entire customer service experience.

Telecom – Send Notifications and Renew Subscriptions Automatically

The telecom industry includes multiple services – telephone, internet, T.V, and various streaming providers. In this competitive environment, it’s crucial to stand out above others to sell your products and services. You can do so by constantly engaging with existing and potential customers.

As a Telecom provider, you can use CommBox to:

  • Offer and sell subscriptions (phone\T.V\ Internet) in a conversation.
  • Notify customers about their subscriptions’ expiration via SMS, FB Messenger, WhatsApp, or any other channel.
  • Send personalized notifications about new services such as Pay-Per-View.
  • Sign new customers remotely and renew your customers’ leases using a chatbot.
  • Add multiple participants to a conversation when help is needed.

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Selling takes more than a great product. You also need an efficient service, professional sales agents, and advanced technological tools. In other words, you need to upgrade your sales teams with an omnichannel customer communication platform that will allow them to leverage your Upsell, Cross-Sell, and Post-Sell in no time. 

CommBox lets you easily convert prospects to customers to achieve your business goals and sales targets with fast onboarding and lead generation features. 

CommBox offers:

  • A Smart omnichannel inbox for customer interactions and lead management.
  • Automation rules for lead management and automated work.
  • Chatbots for lead generation, Sales, Customer Service, and more.
  • A Digital signature feature for remote transactions.
  • Automated and personalized notifications.
  • Complete data integration with your CRM.
  • Customer data analysis and business insights.

You can use CommBox to collect leads and nurture them with a human-like bot that pops up in the right situations, asks the prospects the right questions, and seamlessly passes them on to live sales agents for further handling. 

You can send customers targeted messages using business data with complete CRM integration. Using powerful insights, you can optimize your sales strategy and take your sales teams to the next level. 

That’s just of glimpse of what CommBox can do for your business. 

Schedule your CommBox free demo today and scale up your sales teams!

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