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Getting Started with AI-Powered Knowledge Base

Getting Started with AI-Powered Knowledge Base

Right now, we’re right at the start of the AI revolution. AI, machine learning, automation, and deep learning has already come so far in such a little amount of time. If you think about what we’ve achieved in the last decade, it’s truly remarkable. We now have intelligent assistants in our homes, ‘smart’ everything, driverless vehicles, and much more. However, the leaps in the last decade could pale in comparison for what’s to come in the future. Some experts predict that the AI revolution will be on the scale of the industrial revolution. This means that the AI revolution will transform our lives and shape the future of civilizations.

So, how does all of this relate to AI-powered knowledge bases? How does it relate to customer service? This is what we’re going to be exploring in this article. Customer service is one area of business where AI and automation are making a huge impact. Customer service is inherently about serving people and meeting their needs and expectations. It’s sometimes about exceeding these expectations. Customer service has traditionally involved people (agents) as the players in delivering this service. Agents are still critically important today, if not more so. But this doesn’t mean AI doesn’t play a huge role in this space. AI can make better agents, and one way it does this is through AI-powered knowledge bases.

What Are AI-Powered Knowledge Bases?

The term is very self-explanatory – any knowledge base the business uses that is powered by AI. We’re focused on customer service and customer experiences here, so we’ll be focusing on the AI-powered knowledge bases that improve operations in this area.

In customer service jobs, agents often have to quickly search through relevant documentation to find a solution to the customer’s problem. This can be time-consuming and ineffective. The customer can become frustrated if they think the agent, they’re talking to is unknowledgeable or incompetent. It doesn’t inspire confidence in the product or brand.

An AI-powered knowledgebase can quickly search through the documentation by using keywords and phrases and deliver this straight to the agent.

Another area that this system excels is in unifying information. Many companies operate by having lots of different teams that are completely siloed. These teams have their own goals, management, systems, and ways of handling data. It can be difficult to share knowledge between teams in this system. With an AI-powered knowledge base, the information from all teams can be unified so that key information is easy to retrieve. This means that an agent will never have to put a customer on hold and say, “I’ll just contact X team for you to get the answer”. The agents will have immediate and direct access to the information they need to perform their job. Additionally, employees from other areas of the business will no longer experience frequent interruptions to their workday to answer queries from agents.

Chatbots are also another form of automation based on an AI-powered knowledge base. The chatbot has access to all key information and can access it smartly by using keywords and context.

The Benefits of AI-Powered Knowledge Bases

The Benefits of AI-Powered Knowledge Bases

Accurate and Relevant Content

Agents or other customer service employees are always working with the latest information. The AI can prioritize more recent entries over older entries. Agents who have been with the business for a long time have accumulated lots of valuable knowledge about your business. They understand your customers well and know all the important things about your operation and products. However, businesses change quickly, especially in this digital age. What was true for many years might be false tomorrow. Without regular training, agents can default to using outdated information. This isn’t on purpose. The agents still believe this information to be true because it was true at one point.

AI can also play a crucial role in self-service content. AI can make these knowledge bases more optimized and relevant to customers, so customers are always presented with the most relevant content to their particular issue. An AI-powered knowledge base can also suggest new content that should be made based on common search terms or other customer data. Put simply, it can tell you where you need to improve as well as provide an improved service to customers. Sometimes we can struggle to see where content is missing because we are so close to our brand or product. You probably know exactly how to use your product because you built it and watched it mature. However, you need to find knowledge gaps and fill them in to deliver excellent customer experiences.

Improved Agent Onboarding

Agents train better with AI than without it. Training costs businesses huge amounts of money, both in the cost of the course and in employee downtime. You want your training to be as short as possible, but also be of excellent quality. You want your agents to be ready to confidently jump into their new roles once they finish training. You want minimal mistakes from your new agents. Unfortunately, to make this a reality it takes time. That is unless you use an AI-powered knowledge base to support your agent onboarding.

An AI-powered knowledge base can deliver relevant information to agents as they are doing their job. In training, this means that agents can get the information delivered right to them and simply use the information provided to solve customer issues. There’s no need for an agent to shadow a more experienced employee for several days or even weeks to get up to scratch on information relevant to every scenario. The AI has already done that.

Faster Service

An obvious benefit of AI-powered knowledge bases is that they significantly speed to business activities. Customers can enjoy faster service from agents who no longer have to look up each question if they don’t immediately know the answer. Customers don’t have to be put on hold while agents speak to other teams or search through documents.

Consistent Voice

With AI-powered knowledge bases, all agents have access to the same relevant, accurate, and detailed information. This means that they are all working with the same information and providing a consistent experience to customers. Consistency is key in businesses in 2020. Your customers are your customers for a reason, so you need to be consistent to keep it that way. Your customers should have the same experience no matter which agent they talk to or which platform they use to talk to your agents.

AI-Powered Knowledge Base Quick Guide

In this section, we’ll be talking about the key characteristics of an AI-powered knowledge base. Once you understand and familiarize yourself with these key characteristics, you’ll better understand what this type of solution will look like in your business.

Tips for Creating Your AI-Powered Knowledge Base

Tips for Creating Your AI-Powered Knowledge Base

AI-powered knowledge bases have the potential to transform the way we do customer service. Customers stand to get more value from their interactions with your company, and as a result, they’ll have a better customer experience. Be innovative in this area and you’ll be rewarded with happy agents, happy customers, and increased profits.

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