Moving From A Traditional Call Center To An Autonomous Omnichannel Contact Center

Moving From A Traditional Call Center To An Autonomous Omnichannel Contact Center

The state of customer service delivery in the contemporary era beats its position in the past era by a mile. Today, there are a lot of smart tools that can handle customer support; giving clients satisfactory experiences when reaching out to a company through any of their communication channels. In the days of old, it was not so. There used to be a mechanistic arrangement comprising human agents at the call center support system. Technology had not advanced this much then so communication was ensured through a mechanical means. People needed to mediate between the company and customers to solve their problems; hence, human representatives were used in the customer support arrangement of most companies. But as expected, there were many inadequacies that showed in the course of running it. For instance, the response rate of customer support’s call center was low for larger companies who had to deal with a lot of customers daily. Clients were made to wait hours on end before their query got attended to, due to the high demand across organizations’ communication channels. Also, the agents were limited in function as they experienced burnout on some days, leading to poor performances on such days.

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